Discount card

Dear guests!

Hotel-Restaurant Complex Tsargrad invite you to become a Member of the Loyalty Program and receive a «discount card»!

You can become a participant of the program from the moment you first stay in the complex of Tsargrad. All you need is to fill out a questionnaire from the reception at a restaurant or hotel. Participation in the program begins after receiving a confirmation of registration and issuing to you the membership card number of the participant.

• 10% Discount automatically starts to work when the amount reaches 5000,00 UAH

• money is enlistment for all services paid by the guest while staying in a hotel and restaurant, except for services of outside organizations.

• A discount card can be used by a guest regardless of the form of payment — i.e. The discount is valid both for cash and non-cash payment.

• Discount is provided only upon presentation of a discount card.

• Discount in a discount card is not summed up with discounts provided by special offers.

Have a nice rest!